About MyMetro

About MyMetro

Who we are?

Nautilus Technology is an Australian startup technology company with the vision of creating and accelerating competitive advantages through cutting-edge technology and solutions. MyMetro has been launched to provide support to the transit riders of Adelaide Metro, Transport NSW, Public Transport Victoria and Translink Queensland. MyMetro is a free to use real-time transit platform. The real-time transit data is provided by State Governments via Open Data Program.
MyMetro is using the OneBusAway transit platform. OneBusWay is a project of the non-profit Open Transit Software Foundation (OTSF). It began in 2008 as a graduate student project by Brian Ferris and Kari Watkins at the University of Washington and evolved to become the topic of both of their PhD dissertations. For more information about the original OneBusAway application, go https://onebusaway.org.
MyMetro for Adelaide Metro continues to be maintained and supported by Nautilus Technology for transit riders in the major Australian metropolitan cities. You may find additional tools and information for riding transit in our region at MyMetro web application.
MyMetro is more than an app, it's a platform

It's Scalable, Cost Effective and Proven

MyMetro powers real-time information for Australia wide metropolitan cities, serving millions of riders daily. Our system is flexible enough so that it is just a matter of time to integrate with any new transport authority. All we need is to get the GTFS and GTFS-R data from the agency. Most of the Australian State Governments are publishing public transport data under Open Data program.

Transit agencies have saved as much as 60%, compared to the cost of using proprietary vendor software or creating their own solutions from scratch.

It can be deployed at agencies of all sizes across Australia. and even internationally. At this moment we have integrated Adelaide Metro. Work in progress to integrate other major metropolitan cities of Australia.

MyMetro is scalable and flexible to support more tools

It Supports Wide Range of Other Transit Tools

Phone and SMS

Enable text message and phone service for real-time arrivals.

Web Interface & Signage

The customizable, ADA-compliant web application provides real-time vehicle locations and stop arrival estimates. It also enables to set up a scrolling bus arrival sign instantly, without any extra configuration.

Rich APIs

Reinventing the wheel is expensive. Developers can leverage MyMetro to build tools and applications customized to your needs.