MyMetro Privacy Policy

MyMetro Privacy Policy

MyMetro Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, so we want to be explicit about what kind of personal information is involved when you interact with MyMetro. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know. We are first going to describe some general principles behind the privacy policy, and then describe the specific details of what information is used and collected, how long it is kept, and provisions for opting out.

General Principles

MyMetro is a service provider to transit users throughout the Adelaide Metro region. Here are the general principles that guide our privacy policy.

Personal settings

MyMetro can give you more useful, personalized information if it can associate this information with your account. For example, it can keep track of your bookmarks for frequently used stops, or your default search location. Any such information that is personally identifiable will only be shown to you alone (in the form of bookmarks, search areas, and so forth). This information is stored for an indefinite length of time. However, you can delete this information at any time by submitting written request to us and also can opt out entirely from having it stored.

Session information

In the course of a single session with MyMetro, the system stores a variety of information necessary for its functioning. For example, we keep track of your last requested stop so that we can quickly present it again at your request. This information is deleted as soon as the session ends.

Specific Details

Access Statistics

When you use MyMetro, your interactions with the app produce a lot of personally sensitive information. Requesting information for a particular bus stop, for example, provides a good indication of where you are at the time of the request. We securely and temporarily log this interaction data for no more than 24 hours before it is permanently deleted. As noted previously, interaction and usage data give us important information about how our app and our transit systems are being used and helps us improve the usability of MyMetro.

Personal Settings

As noted above, MyMetro can give you more useful, personalized information, such as your default search location or bookmarked stops, if it can associate this information with you. We store these personal settings information directly on the phone.


We allow users to bookmark their frequently accessed stops. We store this information so that users don’t have to remember the stop numbers for their favorite stops, but users should also be aware that stop bookmarks provide hints to the places they frequently visit.

Most Recently Accessed Stop

We store the most-recently accessed stop so that the user can quickly access that stop again when checking the app again.

Controlling Your Personal Information

MyMetro provides ways of both clearing and opt-ing out completely of the storage of personal settings. Uninstalling the app will automatically remove your personal settings from the phone. You can also opt-out to send anonymous usage data from the app settings.

Third-party Information Sharing

We do not and will not share your personal data or any other information with third-party.

In-App Advertisement

We may use in-app advertisement in accordance to the following third-party privacy policy:

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our policy or the use of your personal data please contact us at